Family will get 1 crore on the death of Corona Warriors - Arvind Kejriwal // big statement by arvind kejriwal

Family will get 1 crore on the death of Corona Warriors - Arvind Kejriwal//big statement by arvind kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal said that the Delhi government is busy making all possible arrangements for the prevention of corona virus.
 Arvind Kejriwal,big statement by arvind kejriwal
big statement by arvind kejriwal

 Apart from this, Kejriwal said that earlier we had announced to give one crore rupees to the doctor and medical staff if something untoward happened.

 But now many people like Delhi Policemen, Firemen, Civil Defense are risking their lives in this fight against Corona.  Precautions are being taken for their safety, but if they lose their lives due to corona, then we will give 1 crore rupees assistance to their families.

 After the cabinet meeting, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said in a conversation with the media today that the corona virus cases have decreased in Delhi in the last three days.

 Hopefully, matters will reduce further.  At this time, the entire Delhi is being sanitized, so that the corona infection can be controlled.  If your area is not sanitized then let us know.

 Let us tell you that the total number of cases of corona virus infection in Delhi has reached 1768.  Of this, there are 1594 active cases, while 73 people have recovered and returned to their homes.  At the same time, 42 people have died due to corona virus infection.

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